Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's Adieu to DOXA (until next year)

Postings have been light this week because I was KIDNAPPED BY AN AMAZING DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL!! And what can I say, by the time I got home from having my mind expanded and my world view dipped in technicolor kool-aid every night, it was too darn late to write. So please accept this I.O.U. for details from DOXA.

In the meantime, before I go tumble into bed for a much anticipated full night's sleep, let me leave you with this image from the closing party last night.

If you look closely, you may recognize the person leaning backwards to fill his lungs for the blowing out of the candles on his cake. Yes indeed. You are looking at Wavy Gravy. I can tell you that the closing film was Saint Misbehavin': the Wavy Gravy Movie, directed by Michelle Esrick. It was a great film that filled Mister Man and me with absolute awe. What a time in history. What a cast of characters. What an excellent way to end 10 days of documentaries. What a great festival it was.

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