Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cassandra's Visit (and her Most Excellent Quesadillas)

It could have all gone so, SO badly. Here's how it started.

You see, Cassandra came to town and well, we just had to get together and celebrate!! Woot Woot!! And while that bottle of tequila may have flattened us in our youth, in our old age, it merely greased the wheel for some tall tales. After a brief walk in the pouring rain, we gathered around a big ol' bowl of mango and bean salsa (yum) and great guacamole, where Tamara (the vet) regaled us with tales of animal husbandry. And I'm not kidding you. Here she is telling tales from vet school about how horses receive artificial insemination. I can reveal that it involves wearing a helmet - and - well - I won't get into the finer details of where it goes from there.... but if you're good at charades, you might be able to cipher it...

Suffice it to say that even Cassandra was a tad horrified.

While Kari and Darren hang on to Tamara's every word.

And all that laughter worked up a grand ol' appetite for dinner. We all know that Cassandra is a fabulous cook and baker, and once again she outdid herself and provided the cornerstone for our potluck: quesadillas.

Aileen brought her fabulous Caesar salad.

Kari brought the tequila. WHOOP! (and hence the smile)

And OH MY were these ever delicious. Cassandra made 2 varieties: one with beans and spicy hot sauce, and the other with chicken, corn, cream cheese, and old cheddar.

We capped it all off with another fruit tart.

And a whole lotta love.....

We just wished Cassandra was here for another week, because our 5 hours with her weren't nearly enough.