Friday, May 21, 2010

A Fabulous Photo Shoot with Sarah

Yesterday, I had the absolute pleasure of taking photos of Wee Sarah (aka the brilliant graphic novelist, Sarah Leavitt). The cause for the photo was her soon-to-be published book "Tangles", which will feature a photo of the beautiful and talented author herself. (I'll have more on the book as the launch date approaches.)

In the meantime, here are some of the images we shot. I'm liking the colour ones best, but the inside of the back cover will be in black and white, so the image won't be running in colour. I did want to share some of them with you anyway, because it will justify the watching of a certain trashy reality show featuring Tyra Banks.

Is it not obvious how much Sarah has learned from Tyra? And I was clearly all "Nigel Barker" on the shoot. So, Mister Man, the next time you wanna lay down some strong words about us watching America's Next Top Model, I'd like you to remember this moment in time. The pay-off is totally worth it. Don't you think? Now, excuse me while I go "smize".

(Oh - and for anyone who wants to weigh in on which photo they like best, please feel free!)

By popular demand! Here is the above image in black and white! (Don't you just love the interweb machine?)


  1. I actually like the very top one the best!

  2. Top one and scarf one. If I had to pick, Scarf would win out. The last photo runs for 3rd place! Nice work Teri.

  3. The top one is very beautiful--Sarah's eyes are gorgeous! But I like the warmth emanating from the scarf pic only I wish her curls and left shoulder weren't melting into the sofa.

  4. Top one!! followed by scarf...

  5. Thank you ALL for your feedback!

  6. I like the first one. Sarah looks beaUtiful in all of them but an orangey red lipstick would suit better than the pink. Sorreeee, wwwge