Monday, May 3, 2010

We Were Off to the Races

[SIDEBAR NOTE: I think you should read this post with a southern accent because I believe it will enhance your experience.]

On Saturday, Miss Annie and Miss Lara invited us around to their estate for mint juleps and to watch The Kentucky Derby. Miss Jan and I were thrilled to receive the invitation, because what could be better on a sunny day than a mint julep before The Derby?

We donned our finest bonnets and parasols and descended upon their lovely home, with minutes to spare before the big event. It was downright excitin' to compare notes, and discuss the horses and who'd bet what on whom. We, of course, were swayed by the pretty names and the stories of the underdogs.

After the excitement of the race had died down, and Miss Lara had managed to get over the fact that she was THISCLOSE to winning thousands of dollars on her trifecta bet, we decided to have a couple of quick rounds of games before we headed out for our dinner.

Then we had to rush off in a tizzy in order to make our dinner reservation at Society. Each year in our fair town, dozens of restaurants participate in something called Dine Out Vancouver. Essentially, really fabulous restaurants throw their doors open and offer 3 course meals for a steal of a deal. Miss Annie had made reservations at Society (in keeping with The Kentucky Derby theme, I'm thinkin') and were we ever glad she did.

Society offers traditional comfort food, completely re-imagined. Why, I declare! There's a reason Miss Annie is eyeballing Miss Lara's appetizer!! That's an order of deep fried mac 'n cheese balls!! Oh my!!!

Miss Jan seems quite delighted to tuck into the amuse bouche that was brought to us compliments of the chef.

They have all KINDS of fancy cocktails, some of which are even served up with a dollop of cotton candy! Have you EVER??

But the thing that really snapped our girdles into place was the dessert platter for sharin'. It featured a big ol' bowl of bread puddin', served up with some Rice Krispie Squares, a homemade version of a Hostess Miniature Cupcake, some deep fried mini-donuts and a few cookies. As you can see from the action shot depicted here, despite our fullness, we made quick work of that platter. There was more action around that plate than a herd of fireflies at dusk in summertime.

And then, to top off a perfect afternoon, Miss Jan and I retired to the theatre where we were privy to a special presentation featuring that master documentarian, Albert Maysles.

Now THAT'S the way to spend a Saturday in May! *fans self dramatically*


  1. Yes ma'am, you do speak the truth!

    What a truly lovely way to spend a Saturday. Thanks Miss Teri!


  2. Why thank YOU Miss Bunkle! It wouldn't have been nearly so fun had I done it alone!

  3. Thanks for the good times, ladies. MMMMMMM....

    Don't tell Tamara we went to the races! Shhhh!