Thursday, May 20, 2010

DOXA - The Photo Essay

Mister Man and I went on a photo finding mission. We were looking for bus shelters that were sporting DOXA posters.

Mister Man totally got into the spirit of it all, and even suggested a shot or two.

The festival started at one of our favourite DOXA haunts: El Taco - land of the adult slurpee (i.e. lime margaritas) and quesadillas that could rival Cassandra's!

And from there, we just followed the crowds, which were plentiful.

Look carefully at this photo, and see if you can pick out a special someone making gestures at a certain photographer.....

And in between screenings, we moved back and forth between Subeez

And El Taco

And the theatres

And more Subeez

Where we sipped on espresso martinis and talked about the films we loved.

Such as David Christensen's beautiful "The Mirror".

We partied with some fabulous people,

rubbed shoulders with some notorious art types,

and some glamorous emerging filmmakers

We basked in the lovely glow of the amazing crew of DOXA volunteers.

And we looked forward to sharing popcorn with our pals (such as Bunkle and the Boy).

Look! It's Gina and Dorothy, aglow with the love of the doc.

There were receptions galore!
Contrary to popular belief, people CAN have fun at a documentary film festival. Allow me to present Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Heck, even the people in the line ups were smiling!

It was indeed a little slice of heaven. How I miss you DOXA. (How I could have included about 200 photographs in this photo essay...!)


  1. You stealthy devil! ;) Great snaps as always T1!!

  2. Thanks Bunkle!! Now HOW are we gonna occupy ourselves until next year's DOXA festival??????