Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Only Tuesday!!

I have seen some fabulous films at DOXA this week, and it's ONLY TUESDAY!! Much to our delight, on Saturday we saw The Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls by Leanne Pooley. You can't even imagine how funny (and moving) a couple of singing, dancing and yodeling lesbian twin sisters from New Zealand can be. But I promise you, it's waaaaaay better than what you're imagining right now. (As one character in the film says, "On paper, this should be commercial death". But, holy crow, do these women ever prove that wrong!!)

We also went to a lovely cocktail hour, and I snapped this photo of 2 of my favourite DOXA board members: Dorothy and Stacy. They were moving quickly, and my shutter was not. But despite the blur (or maybe because of it), this image captures some of the joy that abounds during this festival. (And yes, it IS possible to experience joy at a documentary film festival!!)

And then on Tuesday, I saw BAS! Beyond the Red Light, a beautiful film by Wendy Champagne about 13 young girls who were sold and then rescued in Mumgai's infamous network of red light districts. Gorgeous cinematography and truly compelling stories told by the girls themselves, make this a powerful journey. There's a reason that both of these films were sold out.

And the best part? There are still four days left of screenings!

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