Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to the Seattle Saga

Alright! I have made it through a very intense week of double jobbing with plenty of stories I can hardly wait to share. But before I regale you with tales from the crypt (AKA the warehouse in which we were shooting a video), let me pop back to Seattle and post a few images that tickled my fancy last weekend. We started our Saturday by heading for a Mexican Breakfast at Memo's.

We contemplated the menu.

Clearly, there was MUCH from which to choose!!

And with full bellies, we hit the streets. Seattle is a city full of things that are fun to look at.

I found this sign interesting, but caught heck from Paul and Lisa for loitering in front of the sign. Apparently this joint is bursting with characters who might have stepped off the set of a crime drama.

We hit a local farmer's market.

And again, I had an opportunity to enjoy some fabulous signage.

I sure loves me a farmer's market. The boys went home to put the brisket on the BBQ, and Lisa and I headed downtown to buy shoes for the wedding. And THAT, my friends, is another story entirely......

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