Monday, July 19, 2010

Playing Catch Up

There is SO much to share with you!!! The blessed tornado of busy-ness continues, so I am going to endeavor to put a few posts "in le bank" for the coming days, which will be filled with the flurry that can only be known as a film set!

So - 2 weekends back, Mister Man's boss handed him tickets to the BC Lion's season opener. I'm not one with the football, but I do love a good spectacle, so of course I went along for the ride. We invited Tamara and Andrew to join us. With regards to the rules of Canadian football, Andrew remains unconvinced. But Tamara and I were hopeful that there'd be good snacks. Besides, she grew up in a football town, so she, unlike me, doesn't have a hard time finding the ball. (I think they should just paint it fuchsia or lemon yellow so that at least you can follow the action!!!)

You see what I mean about Andrew not being convinced....??

Here's a home team fan. *roar*

Here's the enemy team.

Yes. Yes, he DOES have a watermelon on his head. (All we could think about was what that thing would feel like as the sun beat down upon it.) (Um - Eeeeeewwwww!)

The guy next to me was a real flag waver.

So were these guys.

We even got free tea towels!!

And we did have some of the best seats in the house....

While I may never be a die-hard football fan, I can say it was a hoot. (Even if Mister Man DID have to cue me when to cheer...)

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