Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shopping and Sniffing - a Journey to The Perfume Shoppe

When I was in Calgary for my birthday, Mariette took me to a great perfume shop in Banker's Hall. It was run by someone with a great nose who imported scents that aren't burdened with harsh chemicals. Upon my return, I started looking for such a shop in Vancouver. It turns out I didn't have to look far, because about 4 blocks from where I work, there's a lovely little place called The Perfume Shoppe located in Sinclair Centre.

It's run by a lovely woman named Naz. Her father was a perfume guy too, and she learned all about scent from him. She used to sit on the counter in his shop as he trotted out the bottles full of lovely smelling potions. Now it's her turn to luxuriate in top notes and low notes and heavenly concoctions, and to share her knowledge...

So on Brian's surprise! (not) birth-day celebration, we went shopping for a new scent.

Brian gets the royal treatment (as one should on their birthday!)

I love a man who is comfortable holding a perfume bag!

Naz waves goodbye.

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