Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It Was a BUG-IN

We headed down to Seattle for the weekend to do some top secret wedding things and, to hang out with two of our favourite people: Paul and Lisa. They are spectacular friends and always have some great adventures up their sleeve. Last weekend was no exception.

We pulled in and Lisa went to work shaking up some brilliant Earl Grey Martini's for us. I love the fact that she can only handle cold things (like martini shakers) while wearing oven mitts. Later, I learned that she even wears oven mitts when she and Paul are sharing a tub of ice cream! We had these martinis first when Paul and Lisa were visiting us during that big winter sporting event some months back, and we stopped at Uva. The waitress gave us the recipe and Lisa has been perfecting the gin infusion ever since.

After drinks, we headed out to a bug in. That's right. A BUG-IN, in which all manner of VW vehicles are buffed, puffed and put on display for admiring eyes. Golly they were purdy....

Mister Man seems pretty pleased with the situation.

Some of 'em weren't spit and polished, but fabulously textured.

Spot the photographer:

But seriously, how could you go wrong when the Bug-In was held in the parking lot of a burger joint called Burgermaster? God bless America!

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