Thursday, July 1, 2010

Welcome to our Secret New Clubhouse

Last Sunday, we were invited to the Grossman's for a game of Canasta. (Okay, we don't actually play Canasta, but doesn't it sound great?) As you know, there's a new member of the family chez Susan and Diyan (AKA "Barbecue"), and Susan has sworn that she will become a BBQ chef extraordinaire. So off we went, with a strawberry chocolate ganache tart in hand to sample the spoils of Susan's new found cooking passion.

We laughed a lot .... which is not a hard thing when Vanessa K is in the house. And we spent a good chunk of time lurking over the BBQ watching Susan display her mad BBQ skills. Who knew that watching someone flip really nice steaks on a grill could be so darn gripping? I think it's because we all knew what was in store for us.

Dinner was unbelievable. From the steaks, to the prawns to the calamari to the corn and the variety of salads, it was a wonderful way to finally welcome summer. Here's a thumbnail of some of the deliciousness that was paraded before our palates.

Also, I have 2 new words for you. Lime Butter. Specifically, lime butter on BBQ corn. How could I get to be this old without knowing the merits of lime butter?

The meal was fantastic, but what was even MORE fantastic was the fact that we all sat around and watched the new reality show "Work of Art". I have to say that watching a reality television show about art with a roomful of artists is hilarious beyond belief. We shrieked, laughed, gasped, spewed our opinions at the television set and had too much fun deconstructing what we saw.

THEN, we decided that we should attempt to do this every Sunday for the rest of the summer (or at least for the rest of the season of "Work of Art"). We realized that this was the inaugural meeting of our new club: The BBQ/Work of Art Club.

I can hardly wait for next week.

Ain't life sweet?

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