Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Torch Song from Cat and Colin

Okay. I KNOW postings have been a bit on the skimpy side lately! I've been double jobbing it: gearing up for a film shoot; working at my fabulous day job and doing wedding stuff ALL AT THE SAME TIME. At this rate, I should be able to join Cirque de Soleil as a juggler...

On the sunny side, I know that by the end of next week, life will return to a jog, so that I don't have to keep on sprinting!! However, I did want to share the evening we had with Cat and Colin last week. It was Cat's birthday a few months ago, and a whole slew of her friends pitched in some shekels towards a plasma torch. You see, Cat is a sculptor, and this little chachka is the kind of thing that turns a sculptor into a magician. This torch will cut through metal like butter. It's kind of awe-dropping amazing. So last week, when we went over for a fabulous BBQ, we requested a demo. And here's what happened.

First of all, Colin showed us around their amazing shop. There were all kinds of nifty things in there (including a whole bunch of partially finished sculptures)!

And then he fired up the new beast. The sparks were a flyin' (literally).

I know Cat will wanna strangle me for including a photo of her in this post, but I just HAVE to slip one in there..... because, after all, she's the artist for whom the sparks fly.

After the wedding, Cat's proposed that we all collaborate on an art piece: Cat, Colin, Mister Man, Me and that amazing plasma torch.... oh my....

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