Monday, July 26, 2010


One of the missions we had to take care of when we went to Seattle was "the buying of the wedding shoes". Lisa and I went to Nordstrom Rack, where we started with the white and ivory shoes, most of which were either made for Cinderella's delicate teeny-tiny foot, or were just plum ugly. This was further complicated by the fact that, while I love to wear lipstick, I'm not so girlie-girlie in the shoe department. Nay. I'm happier in a pair of hush puppies or croc wedge sandals. I'm not used to teetering around on heels.

So after being defeated by the white shoes, we moved into the red shoe family, where we scored fairly quickly with a lovely pair of deep red satin sling backs. While they will require a little practice on my feet, I think they'll do nicely. (I also have a truly comfortable pair of sandals that I'll slip into when my dogs start barking.) Without further ado, here are the official wedding shoes.

And then Lisa found these:

Oh mommy! There was a fabulous customer there who was a true shoe afficianado (we could tell by her basket which was over flowing). She and her girlfriends were all a-shoe shopping, and we found ourselves seeking her advice. When Lisa held these up she said "Oh THOSE are CUTE. Get those. Yup. Get those."

And I put them on, teetered by and asked for her honest opinion about my ability (or lack thereof) to move while wearing them. She gave me some walking tips. And Lisa said that if they had them in her size, she'd get them for sure, and hence, she was buying them for me as a belated birthday present - so THERE!!

Now, before The Mums keels over thinking I'll be wearing these with that lovely wedding gown, let me be clear. These are not THE wedding shoes. These will be the "cocktail party shoes". On the day of the cocktail party that my cousins Grace and Nancy-Lee are hosting for the mainlanders, I plan to wear comfy crocs out to the car, and then when we arrive at Cousin Grace's for the cocktail party , I will slip these puppies on. And then I will have Mister Man drive me to the door. He may have to drive up over the lawn to the foot of the steps, but he will get me as close to the door as possible by gum!! And I will tiptoe out of the car, and up over the steps into Grace and Bill's. And then I will find a wall upon which I can casually and delicately lean for the duration of the party. I figger that, because I'm the bride, I MIGHT even be able to get away with asking people to bring me drinks and snicky snacks so that I can just perch.

The shoes are made by a company called "Naughty Monkey". Hellllooo shoes...... I think we will have a beautiful future together (even if it does unfold in 2 hour bursts). Well world? What do you think of my new shoes?


  1. Naughty monkey indeed!!! Both pairs are completely adorable. Congrats to you and your dogs :)

  2. holy crap, those are cute shoes! wedding shoes = beautiful. cocktail shoes = hawt!!