Monday, October 26, 2009

At the end of a really long week...

I just wanted to say right here, in front of god, the goddess and everyone reading this humble post, that Mister Man is beyond wonderful.

Last week was brutally busy for me. I was working day and I was working night (and I'm SO not complainin' - just sayin'.) And when the film shoot I was working on wrapped on Friday night, I crawled home to the best person in the world and I fell into a deep sleep that lasted until Saturday morning when I awoke up to this: (or a version of this - because this photo was actually taken last Christmas when Mister Man was cooking for the big new year's day brunch...)

When Mister Man puts the above ingredients together, he ends up making these: his world famous crustless quiches. They are made with eggs, and ham, and cheese and love (and sometimes cream).

And when I opened my puffy li'l peepers on Saturday morning, this is what awaited me. Real men may not EAT quiche, but they sure know how to make 'em!

The way I figure it, I must've done something really wonderful in a previous life, because ending a week from hell with a couple of slices of heaven makes for the start of a rejuvenating weekend.

And I would share the recipe with you, but the thing is that he makes them off the top of his head. So there IS no recipe per say... just a genius who is lurking behind a veil of light and culinary inspiration. So thank-you Mister Man. I sure appreciate it.

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  1. So that's the angel in him....I guess the devil is the one that puts things on your laptop, photographs them and posts them on FB!!