Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let the Sun Shine

Saturday morning came tiptoeing in on a carpet of sunshine and light. And while Mister Man crawled out of the tent at oh-dark-hour to go fishing, we slept a little later and then dined on coffee cake and coffees that were loaded with vitamin K.

Another great thing to take on a camping trip is a set of walkie talkies. Yes, they're good in an emergency, but really what they're best for is tormenting other people in your party. So on Saturday morning, with our walkie in hand, we set off to find Mister Man fishing on the lake.

Mister Man embarrasses easily (it's one of those things that makes him endearing), so it was with great delight that we used the radio to transmit things like: "Camp Tampon to Floating Man. Come in Floating Man." And of course, these transmissions caused us to shriek with laughter. Little did we know that eventually, Mister Man would simply turn his radio off!

The lake was stunning.

We played with our shadows while we waited for Mister Man to come in off the water.

And then when Mister Man came in, Lara expressed an interest in trying out his boat. Okay, it was more than a simple expression of interest, it was an outpouring of love for all things floating on water. And Mister Man, being the gentleman he is, responded by offering up his boat for her enjoyment.

I love these photos. Because the camera came out of the truck, and the air was still crisp outside, the lens fogged over and created this magical kind of aura which TOTALLY suited the moment. Keep scrolling and I think you'll see what I mean.

She is glowing...

And when we got back to camp, we found our guests waiting for us (and more about that later).

Before I say good night, I'd like to leave you with this.

Because it was so extraordinarily beautiful and magical. TTFN.


  1. my lady glows! and i thought i was the only one who could see it!

  2. i was aglow! more! more! show us more!