Monday, October 5, 2009

Maxi Camping: The Adventure Begins

There I am on Thursday afternoon, all ready for our MAXI-CAMPING trip. Mister Man has gone on ahead to set up the campsite (in the POURING RAIN!) (all by his own self!) (getting soaked right through to his skivvies!!)

So after work, I head to The Westcoast Express to ride the commuter train for the first time. I get there nice and early, select my seat and wait for the adventure to begin.

The train slowly fills up. And then we sit there, and sit there, and sit there. And nothing much happens (which doesn't freak me out at all, as I consider it part of the adventure). Then an announcement comes on saying "There's been a police incident on the tracks near the Second Narrows Bridge, so we're unable to leave the station at this time." The phrase "police incident" when used in conjunction with any form of public transit, is NEVER a good thing. However, I choose to sit a little longer, because this WAS a big adventure. And what else was a girl to do?

After the second announcement, and a fellow passenger doing a little re-con with the train staff, MOST of us left the train in search of other transit. I DID end up taking a train, but it looked like this. This is NOT your fancy spankin' new commuter train. THIS is the everyday, ordinary pedestrian Skytrain.

And Mister Man had to pick me up and cart me back to the campsite which was very cosy despite the torrential downpour. I tried to capture the downpour here, and you can't REALLY tell, but those BIG THINGS in the photo are rain drops. BIG TORRENTIAL raindrops. The kind that fall when you live in a rain forest.

But you know what? We were nicely prepared. Mister Man had made a comfortable camping cubby hole, and we hunkered down over a beautiful fire, under a tarp and watched the rain blow by. We were totally cozy dressed from head to toe in fleece and wool, roasting mallows on an open fire and just being at peace with the world.

Friday morning dawned with scattered showers and the promise of sunny skies. And we got ready to receive visitors and our "superfun!" fellow campers. See if you can spot some of the Princess Camping necessities on the table... and yes, there MAY be a quiz!

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Nature Girl, Mister Man and the Camping Princesses Miss Annie and Lara, with special guest appearances by Bob, Merilee and Doug the Demon Squirrel.....

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