Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nature Girl Hits the Road

After work today, yours truly will be heading to the train station to jump a commuter train to the Fraser Valley, where Mister Man will pick me up and whisk me away to the most well equipped campsite ever. Frankly, I'm really glad that we packed a small pick up truck to the point of over- flowing this morning, because it is POURING RAIN OUTSIDE. And even though we are "taking too much shite with us" (in the words of Mister Man), I for one am going to be REALLY happy when we're perched underneath 10 pounds of fluffy duvets and blankets tonight in the FREEZING COLD.

I'm not gonna try to kid you or anything. I am not the female version Survivor Man. I am not capable of heading into the wilderness with a corkscrew, a bandanna and an elastic band only so that I can go all Macgyver and turn these few paltry items into a fortress. Nope. Any claims to this kind of wilderness prowess would just be talkin' smack.

The REASON the small truck was stuffed to the point of over-flowing, is because we essentially packed up our entire apartment on my insistence. Though we left the art at home, we did pretty much take everything else, including an abundance of fleece. I have brought along the following:

fleece socks
fleece pants
a fleece vest
a lightweight fleece jacket
a mid weight fleece jacket
fleece mittens
I like to think of it as my fleece body condom, protecting me from unwanted frostbite, and chill-transmitted diseases!

So while there will be no Internets, computer, central heating or other things that make my heart go ping, I will be warm. I will also be hanging with my trusty camera, and will be blogging old school by taking notes in a journal with a pen. It boggles the mind to think of WRITING SOMETHING DOWN instead of typing. All of this is to say that you won't hear from me for the next 2 days, but I promise to regale you on Sunday with tales that can only be collected in the wilderness while camping in the rain.

I will confess that I felt incredibly guilty when I stepped out of the truck first thing this morning, because Mister Man is out there RIGHT NOW, in the POURING RAIN, setting up our little corner of paradise. At least I baked some really lovely cookies for the adventure, so I will worm my way back into his heart with home baking. And he and I both are looking forward to the arrival of friends (Annie and Lara) tomorrow, and family (Bob and Merilee) on Saturday!

Even though we're not going on the ferry, I like to think of Mister Man like this: dry and relaxed and not setting up camp all by his own self....

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