Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Few More Photos

Allow me to take you to the last Steveston Farmer's Market of the season which was held on the Thanksgiving weekend.

There were lots of lovely photo ops: gorgeous textures and such:

And great colours of fall:

And lovely nieces selling their wares (Andie's Artefacts):

And unexpected encounters with good friends like Doodie:

Who had a run-in with a teeny tiny dog who appeared to be quite cute on first appearance:

But turned out to have the soul of a vicious killer:

Where provincial flags dip gently into the photo frame:

Ocean treasures are offered up:

Mister Man IS a fisherman standing on a wharf

And laughter is shared with Poot:

But then we had to make this, in order to get to dinner on time!

(Oh and to give credit where credit is due, I must let you know that Mister Man took the pix of Poot and me... Not to tell tales out of school or anything, but *someone* gets a bit testy if they don't get their photo credit...)

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