Sunday, October 11, 2009

Your Own Personal Tour of Tent Mahal

Before we officially leave the First Annual Fall Princess Camping Trip behind in Rolley Lake *sniff sniff*, I want to take you for a spin around Tent Mahal so that you can share its splendour (and perhaps even tremble in awe).

And then I'll move on to the adventures of this fabulous (and current) Thanksgiving weekend in which we've been entertaining some of our American friends (the few who don't actually live here in Canada!), Paul and Lisa from Seattle.

First of all, here's Tent Mahal from the front. You can see Mister Man kneeling at the entrance which will give you a sense of scale. Unless you're Andre the Giant, you can stand up in the middle of this puppy. And that is a whole lotta pleasant, and waaaay better than trying to shimmy into your jeans and t-shirt while being horizontal.

Here, you're looking into the "vestibule", in which you can store all manner of gack: fire supply gack, little dolly for moving crud around gack, and rubber maid containers filled with important fishing gack.

Come a bit closer and peer in our bedroom window from the outside. Pardon the mess. I TRIED to get Mister Man to pick up his panties from the floor of the tent, but what can you do.....

Don't be shy. Come on in and have a look around! Now you've stepped through the door.

See our lovely bed? It's a deluxe air mattress with 2 layers of sleeping bags on the bottom and 2 layers of duvets on the top. It is impossible to be cold in this bed. Particularly if you've tucked a hot water bottle at your feet before crawling in. There's also an emergency red fleece blanket standing by JUST IN CASE. Also note the abundance of pillows. VERRRRRY important.

If you look to the left of the photo, you can watch me pull the divider down and turn our one bedroom tent into a 2 bedroom palace!

So all I'd have to do to make this transformation complete is to pull the white wall across the centre of the tent.

And here's a handy architectural detail. There's a spot from which to hang your lantern, so that you have an overhead light by which to work!

Okay, I guess it's time to head out of here. Let's turn around and look toward the exit.

Now let's step into the vestibule.

It is SO satisfying to have all of this great storage space.

Alright, let's head back outside again and survey our campsite. Here's the view from the entrance to our campsite.

And here is the saddest moment in the world when we knew that our weekend was about to end, and we started to break down our camp. Here are 3 of the world's saddest people. Lara is pretending to read. But really, she's weeping inside.

And before you know it, Tent Mahal went ass over tea kettle.

And then was deflated like a giant whoopee cushion.

It lay waiting to be packed into the truck.

But we are left with fondest memories of a truly fantastic weekend, in which we rubbed shoulders with nature. So now, we'll just have to wait until the spring when we can air our dirty laundry on a camping line...

Stay tuned for Thanksgiving....