Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Camping Continues

First of all, did you spot 3 of the necessities for proper princess camping on the table? Here they are:
  1. TP (AKA toilet paper - for the woods, the outhouse or the DELUXE FLUSH TOILETS we had in our perfect provincial campground!). Because you NEVER know when you might need it.
  2. A hot water bottle to warm you up at night under your layers of duvet and
  3. a bottle of liqueur to warm you up in the morning when you slip a wee bit into your camp coffee.

The other thing that is ALWAYS handy at home or on the road, is a good ol' role of duct tape. I once lived with a guy who used it to "hem" his pants. He'd iron the hem in, and then "tack it up" with slices of duct tape. When it was time to wash them, he'd simply take the tape off and start at the beginning again. (Roybee, I'm lookin' at YOU when I share this story).

When it comes to camping, duct tape can do pretty much everything. It doesn't hurt to have Mister Man on the other end of the duct tape either. He is pretty frickin' handy too!

Our Fri-day began lazily. We both slept in! It was really hard to crawl from the warmth of the inflatable mattress, what with the tower of blankets that lay upon us. But crawl we did. And coffee and oatmeal we had. However, in all the hustle and bustle of getting ready on Thursday morning, we left a few key ingredients at home that were needed for the CREAM SAUCE I was going to make for our luncheon guests on Saturday. Okay. I know what you're thinking: who makes a CREAM SAUCE on a camping trip? Perhaps it may seem foolish, but let me assure you it was DELICIOUS. Dee-double-ish-us. But more of that later.

In any event, it is a tad difficult to make a cream sauce without the cream WHICH WAS LEFT SITTING ON THE SHELF OF THE FRIDGE IN NORTH VANCOUVER, so we had to set off in search of whipped cream. Finding such a high falutin' and impractical grocery item in teeny-tiny country stores is a bit of a challenge - let me tell you. It's too bad we weren't looking for lunch, because the scent of BBQ that was wafting towards us from this store near the Stave Lake Dam was really tempting. The guy who is lurking in the shadows back there? He was flipping homemade burgers..... oh my.....

We finally found our whipping cream at Bruce's Country Market (one of my favourite stores in the valley. They have all kinds of interesting and delicious and FRESH foods and nifty lotions and potions!) We returned home to our campsite with whipped cream in hand. And Mister Man got ready to follow his bliss. First he made himself a thermos.

Then he got decked out in his favourite clothes.

And then he set out with his boat on his back, a lilt in his step and a song in his heart. I set to work making a fire and reading by its warmth. Before getting into food preparation mode (I wanted to make the sauce the day before to maximize our visiting time), I went for a walk with my camera in search of his nibs. And what should I spy through the trees? I spied with my little eye something that was blue.

And there he was in all his glory. Casting and drifting and casting and dreaming. Look closely and you can see his fishing line soaring through the air. It's really magnificent. Beautiful.

Oh. And if you're an inquiring mind, you probably want to know WHAT Mister Man was pouring into his thermos. ("Just to take the edge off the cold" is what he'd say if you gave him stink eye):

And that's pretty much how it was until supper time on Friday night.

Stay tuned gentle readers, for the arrival of the other KOOKY members of our slumber party and let the games begin! Watch us battle the cold (and each other) (albeit lovingly). Witness lovely Lara saving the world from a PANDEMIC! Hear about the outcome of the Vodka Cream Sauce made on a Coleman Stove in the middle of nature.

And in case you're wondering WHERE we were, here's Mister Man showing you that not only does X mark the spot, but so did he.

You are so busted Mister Man. SO busted.

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