Monday, October 12, 2009

Thankful (a Thanksgiving Teaser)

It's a crazy, busy kinda day. So before I launch into a verbose post about Sunday's Thanksgiving dinner, I will simply leave you with 2 photos to tie you over until I can spend some more quality time with iphoto.
These photos are of my dinner plate.


and After:

No more words are needed here.....
Well, except perhaps to say
"Oh poor, deluded brussel sprout. WHO are you trying to kid?? You have no place on this plate with all that other delicious comfort food from the best food group of all: the beige food group. I only took you to be polite. Yet still, I had to spurn you. Go on now - go on. Shoo......"


  1. I *heart* sprouts! And also did not have the full on dinner this year, so I am sad, so VERY sad, to see it so forlorn and abandoned.

    And the rest looks so delish! Salivating now.

  2. Now see - If I had known that, I coulda SAVED the sprout for you! I mean, I wasn't trying to give the poor thing a complex or anything, HONESTLY!!

    And yes, it WAS delish. The best meal of the year!! I am truly sorry you didn't have the full on dinner this year.

  3. Now, Teri, you and I are on the same page about most things, right? I HATED Brussell Sprouts my whole life.

    One day I was in a restaurant eating this yummy leafy (very small leaf) vegetable that was smothered in bacon and buttery goodness. I couldn't figure out what the vegetable was. It was al dente - not sulferous... YES, TERI, IT WAS A SPROUT!!!

    Since then I dutifly make brussell sprouts for Thanksgiving... smothered in bacon, butter and this year - LEEKS. OMG you would love it. I mean it doesn't taste anything like old school sprouts.

    I'll make em for you one day!