Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Favourite Photos (Part 3 of a gazillion: Stave Lake)

Mister Man is big on adventure and doing things out of the ordinary. Last year, we piled in the truck and headed out to the de-commissioned dam at Stave Lake in the Fraser Valley. It was pretty interesting to see an old school dam. It probably comes as no surprise that it was also incredibly photogenic. I mean, all that metal and those cogs and wheels and such.

Think of this post as a precursor to the future posts that will be coming soon to a blog near you. What will transpire this weekend is the much anticipated MAXI CAMPING TRIP featuring camp food, MORE princess camping tips, adventures in fly fishing, spa day around the camp fire with Annie and Lara, and nature in all her glory! There'll be lots of this too: Mister Man in all HIS glory:
And with any luck, we'll have none of the following: freezing limbs, pouring rain, tears, chattering teeth, wildlife invasions, inquisitive bears or flesh eating bugs....

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