Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Road Trip

Hello gentle readers!

Mister Man and I, along with members of the running posse will be heading to the U.S. of A. for the wedding of Tamara (member of the running posse) and Andrew (future husband of member of the running posse). We’re taking the red-eye from Seattle where we'll get to visit with our wonderful pals Paul and Lisa. Paul is like Mister Man's brother by another mother - they are so alike it's kind of freaky. (note the same piercing gaze exhibited by Mister Man and Paul in this photo. Or maybe they're just eyeballing a tray of food and beer about to make its way onto the patio.....). Lisa is cropped a bit in this photo. I'm not sure why Blogger does that...

We'll fly all night to Philadelphia where we’ll pick up our rental car (and perhaps a little cream cheese and/or Phillie cheese steak?) and we’ll be beetling eastward to join my family in Cape Cod for a few days.  We’ll be hanging out with The Mums (traveling all the way from Newfoundland ) and Paully and Michele who are currently doing a mini-sabbatical on the Cape. 

Here is The Mums. In Newfoundland. The place she will leave to join us on the Cape. In fact, she's there already. We are actually joining HER.

We'll be taking a few trips around the Cape where we’ll dazzle you with blog posts from hotspots like Martha’s Vineyard and “P-Town”. We’ll take a jaunt into Boston where I’ll get to expound on the brownies from that place at Faneuil Hall (and hopefully it hasn't been replaced by a KFC or something equally as awful)… 

I promise photos and stories and a sand dune or two. There'll be chowder and cantilever bridges and hopefully a couple of guest bakers when we finally reach our destination in Pennsylvania.  There’ll be a side trip to Gettysburg and so much more to share with you. So pop back. I may disappear for a day or two, but think of it this way, I'm just "on assignment in another country".....


  1. i can't wait! i have been loving your new blog; love your wit and the details you choose to share. and awesome photos. xo wee sarah

  2. Wee Sarah!! That is so kind of you. Thanks for the nice words (and for being such a great photo subject and allowing me to splash your image across this slice of cyberspace!) xo

  3. Sigh...I love Cape Cod!! Look forward to living vicariously through you.