Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dinner With Old Friends Who Aren't Actually Old At All

Yesterday, when I posted on Facebook that I was excited about having dinner with old friends, I found myself caught in a conundrum. None of these friends are actually old (nor am I for that matter.) But neither are we young. We've simply known each other for several decades. So DOES that actually make us old? Am I simply in denial? And this led me into a maze of heady existential angst (which flies in the face of our hazy, lazy overdue long weekend.)

In any event, I've known EB since I arrived in Vancouver over 20 years ago and it was so delightful to reconnect with her and her partner Big Snit, whom I've known for almost as long. Here they are now, with Robert in the middle of a good yarn....

We were invited for dinner, and EB, aside from being a delightful and knowledgeable soul, is also a brilliant cook and baker. Let me show you what we ate:

Paella. You can't even begin to believe how delicious this was!

Little Dessert Shooters (chocolate cups filled with cream cheese and topped with a coulis).

Lemon Curd and Sponge Cake.

We were joined for dinner by a couple of hilarious and talented friends and actors, Jay and Suzanne. It was such a great night......

There were many stories told and shared.

And laughter was had by all... (or should that be, laughter was made by all?)

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  1. awww. this is sooo nice Teri. We had a great time and the photos are fabulous. I really like the one of me on the floor with the laptop and Jay looking over and Suzanne looking at both of us with that LOOK. Hilarious.

    And finally, Mister Man live and in person in my living room. what can I tell you, momentous.