Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Scenes From a Family Dinner

As has become tradition around these parts, we headed out to Bob 'n Merilee's for Easter dinner. I have to say that I'm about to marry into an amazing family. I mean between MY family and Mister Man's family, we have all bases covered in terms of fantastic-ness.

Of course there was the fantastic meal, as always.

And the fantastic desserts.

And there was also the part where the early-bird April birthdays were celebrated. There are a lot of April birthdays in the family starting with Mister Man's sister Janice, followed by my own special day. And later this month we'll lift a glass to Merilee and then, the family nephew, Greg.

On this Easter Sunday, there was a cake. If you look closely, you can see that it's a cake shared by my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, Janice and MOI! I have to confess that I was busy taking photos of the cake coming out, when Mister Man yanked the camera from my hand, whispered "it's for you too, silly!" and pushed me toward the action. Of course I was tickled. Who doesn't love a cake with their name on it?

But here's the mystery that has still got me stumped. Riddle me this, gentle reader: how is it that the teeniest people at the table were able to FILL a large bowl chock full o' sugar love, topped with ice cream, and STILL be the teeniest people at the table?

Don't you just love a woman who's not afraid of dessert???

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