Friday, April 16, 2010

Sittin' in the Airport Passing Time (NOT passing gas)

It's the end of a busy Friday in which I spent most of the day hunkered over a bunch of spread sheets, creating a master list of materials for a film project. Mister Man was far too generous for my birthday, and capped off a spectacular day with a plane ticket to Calgary where I get to scheme and dream with my best maid Mariette. So now, I'm at YVR, after taking the brand new and fantastic Canada Line (train from the city to the airport). I have a coffee at my side, a California roll in my belly (and maybe a chocolate covered graham wafer square too - but I can't say that for sure), and I'm feeling pretty darn great. The soundtrack they're playing at the Starbucks across the way is catchy - dare I say good. I just heard Rufus Wainwright!

Writing on a computer at the airport is kind of like smoking a cigarette in a restaurant in the good ol' days. I think it was Sartre who talked about the fact that smoking gave one permission to look at people. If you inhaled and then followed the swirl of smoke out of your mouth, it always led to the scene just beyond. And that smoke was kind of like a veil of anonymity. (Not that I'm condoning smoking or anything, though I was a fairly dedicated puffer back in the day. Now I find it entirely revolting. There's a fine set of double standards for you!) That experience of smoking in public while sitting alone is kind of of how I feel now with this computer perched on my lap. I can type-type-type away and glance around me as I type. In short, I have a "cover".

I see two West Jet pilots, and I'm relieved to report that they're having juice at the bar of Starbucks (and not a good stiff one at the ACTUAL bar on the other side). I am also happy to report that the internet access here is free! I was kinda shocked to tell the truth. Something FREE at YVR? Huh.

I will have many photos and tales to share with you over the weekend. I can report that Mister Man is currently enjoying his fishing trip. We've been texting a lot - kind of like that teenager next to me who is literally glued to her phone. I wonder what she would do if I leaned over and snatched it from her hand?

In other news, I can report that my friend Maureen and I have started a daily photo blog. You can check it out here if you're so inclined (though we're only on Day 2). Inspired by the wonderful women who made A Year of Mornings, we're going to post a photo a day for a year.

If you do visit, you can read about our goal of taking a moment each day to simply stop and pause and slow down. I've already posted my photo for today. But you know what? I could take another one right this second and post it, because I am feeling the zen..... But I will leave you with a taste of the kind of images we're posting at our new WordPress photo blog called Slow Down to Speed Up (though I guess by showing you this, I'm kinda revealing most of the contents of the blog as it exists thus far!! Oh well. I AM Aries after all. A bit impatient... which is why the notion of slowing down is challenging for me.)

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