Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Wild Weekend in Celebration of Weddings and Wilma (with Mariette, Brian and the Wild Beasts)

What a fabulous Saturday we had.

We started the morning by drinking our breakfast. Before you jump to conclusions about what that means, allow me to present Exhibit A:

After a good minute on the spin cycle on the VitaMix, we had Exhibit B:

Which led, finally, to Exhibit C. This would be the most healthy thing we consumed all day, being comprised of organic spinach, raspberries, mango and psyllium fiber. That may not SOUND delicious, but I promise it was!

Mariette took me on a wedding shopapalooza.

As you know, I've ordered the wedding dress, so now it's time to accessorize with shoes, head gear etc. So off we went on our wedding adventure. The thing about Mariette is that she knows about all of the secret out of the way places in Calgary: the kinds o' places that require the services of your own personal tour guide. So off we went to The French Twist in Banker's Hall. We struck gold immediately, and I found a beautiful retro 50's white headband. It will work well with my beautiful dress! This, of course, called for a celebration, so we shared a cupcake. Who's too cute?

Then we trotted off to a Zsa Zsa's Hat Salon where we modeled many magnificent hats and head dress thingies. It was divine and fun.

As Mariette's Brian said about this next photo: "It looks like the chandelier is dripping the hat on your head."

After I snapped this photo in the mirror, I discovered that if I turned the beautiful retro 40's hat around, it works beautifully on my noggin. So I bought it. Now I need to grow a second head before September so that I can wear BOTH head/hair accessories. I do love this one though. When I figger out how to style my hair, I know this head piece will add a lovely dollop of glamour to the wedding.

We completely lost track of the time (thanks in part to the fact that I forgot to re-set my watch) and had to rush to make our dinner reservation at Farm. It was a big night because Mariette's mother, Wilma, had recently undergone hip surgery, and this dinner was going to be her first outing since being sprung from the hospital.

Farm is a small unassuming restaurant on 17th Ave S.W. And it is exquisite indeed. The food is unassuming, fresh and delicious, and the service is great and unpretentious. We started by ordering a charcuterie plate.

Here's Wilma looking very elegant.

We also ordered a fresh, delightful rose.

The charcuterie plate arrived and we were in ecstasy because the way they paired the meat and cheese with homemade condiments was out of this world. Before we dived in, the board looked like this:

Moments later, it looked like this:

Our mains were fresh and delicious, and Brian, in a moment of genius, ordered a side of spicy macaroni and cheese. Oh my. But probably the nicest thing about the evening was watching Wilma laugh and enjoy herself after all those weeks and months of pain and post operation healing. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful day.


  1. Dogs, we need dogs. Readers demand dogs. Now!!

  2. As much as I like photos of me, photos of dogs are much more fun!