Monday, April 5, 2010

A Lovely Weekend

This weekend has been full of this:

(relationship building through casual gaming)

and this :

(becoming one with the couch over a trashy television show or a really great book)

Starting with a storm that kept us home bound, this weekend became about relaxing, de-stressing and moving at a snail's pace, with the occasional visit with friends and family thrown in for good measure.

t has been glorious.

Yesterday, we went twacking in Fort Langley and went for a fabulous family dinner. Photos and confessions coming soon.

And while Mister Man had to go to work today, I am sitting here making dinner for Poot and Doodie and prepping for a big learnin' session in which yours truly teaches them how to play Settlers of Catan so that we can continue to expand the circle of Catan crazed converts, desperately searching for that elusive winning point....