Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Saga of the Sad, Sick Computer

This is what my computer looked like on the inside for the past 36 hours. It was a bloated, heavy rain cloud waiting to rain on my parade. Who knew that 50 or 60 thousand photos could take up so much stinkin' space? I can tell you now that I was a TAD horrified when I kept getting the "Listen lady - your start-up-disk is almost full. You'd better make some room or I'm takin' you AND all of your precious photos and I'm bringing you down!!!"

I think I even heard it laugh at me.

So I turned to Wes, our amazing tech guy, and plied him with a hot dog from Costco and a latte from JJ Bean, and he helped me pick out a brawny new external hard drive. 1.5 terabytes, baby. And then I coaxed my Macbook back from the brink of death. And here I am. Back in business. So I shall spend the next few days catching you up with Tales from the Soon-To-Be Pastry Whisperer.


  1. Yikes!
    Have you considered bumping the internal HD up? Not all that pricey to do (I did it to my Macbook Pro as well as getting a mega external hard drive)
    Glad you're back in business!

  2. Thanks Bunkle,

    I haven't thought about bumping up the internal memory... hmmmm.... Maybe when I see you, I can get some more information about where you had it done? I'm glad I'm back in business too!