Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meebs Has a New Baby

The day after my birthday, we had a small gaggle of folks over for some mussels, including my former film school buddies. Meebs recently had a baby boy and she brought him along. *Squeal* He's only 10 days old, which means that he's too friggin' cute for words. Here he is now, being cuddled by his mama while AJ looks on, enjoying the scene.

Here he is moments later, now being held by AJ. I love this photo because I can't quite figure out how to read the expression on AJ's face.

A little later, it appeared that wee Matthew was giving AJ the finger. Now THAT'S an expression I can recognize!!

And THIS expression makes me want to wrap my arms around Wee Sarah, and squeeze the cuteness right out of the top of her head! She is loving those mussels almost as much as we all loved the tiny baby.

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  1. i tried to eat the baby too but he was not steamed in chorizo and cream.