Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Way To a Gal's Heart is through a New Pantry

And yes, that reads PANTRY, not PANTIE. Mister Man is a decent soul who decided that we should convert the "useless corner of closet" into something useful. "Hey," he said one day, "How would you like me to build you a pantry for your birthday?" What could I do but shriek YES, YES, YES!!! I mean, that useless slice of real estate housed an empty filing cabinet, a basket full of tangled gift wrap, and a bunch of other things that didn't get much use. Here's the BEFORE photo that was taken after the junk pit had been cleaned out (but before the new-fangled pantry had been installed)

Mister Man solicited donations from family members and set to work. Here's what it looks like now, AFTER the make over. Glorious. That's what I say.

Let me push in for a couple of close ups:

Nice. So nice. Do you know how much this has changed my life? *insert chorus of angels singing right here* Mister Man sure knows the way to my heart!!

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