Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Always Take the Scenic Route

If there was one lesson to be learned from yesterday's adventure, it is this:
Always Take The Scenic Route because it will lead you here.......

Our day started at oh-dark-hour, when Mister Man and I drove Paully and the Mums to Sagamore to catch a bus to Boston (they both had morning flights outta here). 

I love the weird light that happens just before dawn. It's very theatrical.

Though it was sad to bid adieu to my familial units, it did give us a really great excuse to go here for breakfast as it was still stinkin' early and we had a couple of hours to kill. Who doesn't love an All-American diner at 6 in the morning? Not only is it attractive, it is delicious to boot! And not too crowded!

Mister Man loves him a good All-American diner.....

We were to set off for P-town (Provincetown, for those of you who aren't in the know). But the thing you need to know about the Cape is that there are about 10 places with Falmouth in the name, and if you want to head North on Route 28, you actually need to head out on 28 South. New Englanders do not believe in street signs, so you can be traveling for quite some time along mystery roads. And what all this adds up to is a lot of getting lost. Mister Man, Kari, Aileen and I decided to throw our hat in the ring and though it changed the shape of our day, we decided that we were going to take the scenic route ANYWAY. 

Which led us here.

Gentle readers, allow me to introduce you to the best meal we've had yet at a restaurant. Please meet my scallops. 

As fresh as though they were just scooped from the water, lovingly dipped in a light breaded crust, and fried to mouth melting perfection, these were some of the best scallops I've ever eaten. These little morsels melted in your mouth, leaving the tang of the tarter to linger on your tastebuds. The slaw was as fresh as a spring day, and Mister Man's chowdah was unbelievable.

If you are visiting the Cape, drop everything and proceed to The Brewster Fish House Restaurant IMMEDIATELY. Trust me. Look at the anticipation on Kari's face.

Check out the joy Aileen is experiencing!

We were happy campers by the time we left. As you will be WHEN YOU GO THERE!!

And though we made it to Provincetown a little later than anticipated, we were greeted with that wonderful energy that is P-town in the height of tourist season. The sights! The colours! The scents! And the real answer to where Ken dolls go when they are discarded..... 

And now, you can see where your Barbies and Kens end up when you're done with them. It's a perfect final resting place.

There was one final highlight of the day which I will share with you tomorrow, but for now, allow me to leave you with these images of Mister Man taken on Sunday afternoon. Note the proximity of the hammock to the ground. 

He did wake up after the shutter fired on this one. He looked cute - like a demented baby. 

How I luff him.


  1. Did you notice the "Massage by Lenny" in the land of Ken & Barbie? That is either making me think of Of Mice & Men or Laverne & Shirley...not quite sure which...

    BUT - with barbies and massages and hot tubs on offer, I find it truly hard to believe that place had vacancies.

    Luff your travel blogging!

  2. Thanks Bunkle! I luff knowing you're checking in.

    I DID notice the "Massage by Lenny" but was not nearly sharp enough to get the Of Mice & Men reference!! I too thought it strange that there was a vacancy......


  3. LOVE luv luvin' the blog. a nice way to end my day. thanks!

  4. So glad you're enjoying the trip!