Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Folk Music Festival (emphasis here on Music...)

I could seriously post photos of the folk festival for days because it's just a darn photogenic event filled with amazing photo-ops and lovely looking people. Here's a slice of the festival before the crowds descend. There's enough room at these tables for all of us!

Oh! Um. Did I forget to mention that, while we were setting up on Friday afternoon, when there was no one in the park except for a couple hundred volunteers, before the general public were allowed in, you know - when it was just us WORKERS...... a band casually wandered onto the evening stage for a sound check. And um. IT WAS THE WEAKERTHANS!!!! And I got to hear them play about 5 songs. Just for me. (Okay, really it was for Si and the other guy in the sound booth, but a girl can dream can't she?)  I didn't want to appear like a stalker or anything, so I didn't actually walk right up to the edge of the stage and attempt to take a bad photo of John Samson's nostrils... I was FAR more discreet and dignified and chose instead to lurk on the sidelines. 

The other group I have to talk about is The Reverend Peyton and his Big Damn Band featuring the washboard stylings of Breezy Peyton. I did say washboard (some might say WARSHboard), and you can't even imagine how sexy and dirty an instrument it can be until you've watched Breezy bitch-slap that baby into musical bliss! She even set it on fire! And I'm not even kidding. A whole crowd of us have Facebooked her so now I guess we're destined to be BFF's. Lookit her snarl!! She even autographed the chests of Wee Sarah and Ms. Tara!!

There were lots of other amazing musical highlights as well. Like Bellowhead from the U.K.. And Veda Hille and her band singing a cantata written by Bill Richardson and Veda featuring postings from Craig's List. (Hilarious and also quite beautiful). And Geoff Berner who plays the instrument of my people (the much maligned accordion), all the while dishing up the most hilarious and sarcastic banter. And in the midst of all of this music, here's what folks in the audience were doing:

Coordinating hula hoops with clothing. 

Avoiding third degree sunburn while managing to maintain a great fashion sense! 

Elegantly flow dancing while holding a parasol.

Having big rounds of non-gender-specific skip rope. (and yes, he is hula hooping as he jumps double dutch!)

Or just hanging out with 2 moms and their daughters.....


  1. *Sigh* wish i was back there already.
    I have a photo of John K Samson I must send you!!

    gorgeous snaps. such lovely colour. and Breezy is my new hero.

  2. Awww. Thanks Bunkle! Have you friended Breezy on FB? Do send the photo of JKS! And I agree on the *sigh* front. It's my last day before vacation and I am feeling like my head is going to pop off!!!

  3. not sure i agree about the fashion sense, but love the light on my face. what a fab photo of breezy (i am too shy to friend her).

  4. Wee Sarah,

    Um - is this the time to point out that Breezy had her hands on your breasts? In public?

    [sidebar note to other readers who didn't have an opportunity to witness the spectacle: Wee Sarah and Tara had their cleavage signed by Breezy and the Reverend. In the heat of the moment it was ABSOLUTELY the right thing to do!]

    I think that friending Breezy is kind of tame in comparison so I urge you to jump on the FB wagon with the rest of us. Breezy forever!!!