Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sand Dunes and JFK

We are loving it here in Pennsylvania, where we are being treated like Canadian royalty by the beautiful Cassandra (sister of running buddy Tamara) and her hubby Jimmy. But before we delve into the wilds of PA, let me step back in time and share some highlights from our last couple of days on the Cape.

After we twacked along the streets of P-town (and before your mind leaps into the gutter, I can assure you that twack is a bona fide word in The Dictionary of Newfoundland English - and yes, there really IS a Dictionary of Newfoundland English!) we decided that we needed to touch base with a real beach, complete with sand dunes. So we headed along the shore into the National Park at Race Point to step foot in the Atlantic Ocean and watch a pod of whales play offshore. It was intensely beautiful. 

And even I, who am not generally a fan of walking in anything other than my shoes, had to kick off my sandals and wiggle my tootsies in the sand. We all dangled our toes in the cold, cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was glorious.

There are no photos of the whales because I didn't have my long lens. But we saw them. Honest. (Or at least we saw blast after blast from their blow holes.....)

The following day featured a trip to Hyannis, where we hung out with the Kennedy Clan.

Then we made our way to a more traditional kind of beach, in which folks vie for a slice of beach on which to plunk their beach towel, or play pen, or cooler. My favourite thing about this beach were the seagulls, who marched around in search of blankets that had been abandoned by families who had wandered into the water. These seagulls would mosey on up to people's coolers and take a look-see in the hopes that there was something good to steal.....

Then there were the Craigville Beach Colours which were strangely well co-ordinated. (Did people phone each other in the morning to say "I'm bringing the blue accessories today"?)

And one of my favourites that I came upon on the streets of Hyannis - an urban architectural detail with a strong sense of identity.

Coming up next: Pennsylvania, Gettysburg and baking!

Hugs from Sugarlove Girl.

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