Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And Now for Something Completely Different

Allow me to take a stroll down one of the shelves of DVDs that are shared by me and Mister Man.

Sidebar Question:  Did Sugarlove Girl actually re-arrange some of the titles before snapping this photo so that she would appear devastatingly interesting, downright intelligent and a bit kooky & unpredictable? 

Yes. Yes, she did.

At first glance, you will note a nice mix of documentary and drama, with a little animation thrown in for posterity! This is the sign of a well-balanced individual I’d say.

So what have we got?  I see a few Canadian films, which comes as no surprise as Canada is a nation of talented people.  Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) by Zacharias Kunuk is an amazing film, that should only be viewed when you’ve got the space to take in a 3 hour film that is spacious in terms of narrative, pace and scenery. It was the first feature to be made completely in Inuktitut.

Being Caribou is an excellent documentary by Leanne Allison and Karsten Heuer. They are a husband wife team who tackle amazing challenges such as migrating 1500 kilometres on foot through the Yukon and Alaska to follow the porcupine caribou. And one of my all time FAVE docs occupies centre stage on our shelves, My Architect.

I see some John Cusack films up there!  Of course there are John Cusack films. He is, afterall, my Hollywood boyfriend.  When Harry Met Sally and All About Eve are no brainers because no film collection is complete without them.  Across the Universe is there because I am a Julie Taymor fan and I think this film is a profound story about a generation coming of age. And no shelf would be complete without Joss Whedon, who one of the smartest men in film and television. I luff him.

So, did I move a copy of Office Space? Yep. Did I pull out Mister Man's Wrath of Khan and tuck it out of range of the lens? Indeed. But not to worry trusting reader, I may reveal another sliver of these shelves in months to come. And there are only so many places I can tuck copies of our guilty pleasures before they turn up as pixels in my camera......

Should you feel the need to confess your own guilty pleasures, well, you know what to do.... As Lucy van Pelt once announced to the world "The Doctor is IN" .... and the comments are now officially OPEN!



  1. Serenity - oh yeah! Firefly was the best show evaar!

  2. Yup. Let's face it - Joss Whedon is a GENUIS!!