Friday, July 17, 2009

Daily(ish) Epiphany

There is so SO much to tell you about the Vancouver Folk Music Festival which started today. But alas, the hour is late and I am drawn to that beautiful big bed that beckons me. 

The pull of the bed was so strong, it actually compelled Mister Man and I to leave before the night was over. This, in part, is due to the fact that our next volunteer shift starts at 8 a.m.  And the fact that we're not 21 anymore.

On our way out of the park,my friend Ana offered up a pithy observation for today's epiphany. When a friend of hers was dropping by her place, she prefaced the visit with an apology. "You'll have to excuse the state of my home.  It's an unmitigated disaster". And that led her to wonder.... what would a mitigated disaster look like?

Nighty night from your bleary eyed blogger. (and thanks Ana!!)


  1. Don't forget to report on the record tent for those of us who are staying home, lounging on loungers, reading books, sipping iced coffees and checking up on sugarlovegirl.

  2. I have so many notes that I promise to turn into a lengthy post WITH PHOTOS!!