Friday, November 13, 2009

Four Words: Holiday Baking = Trader Joe's

Holiday baking.

There. I've said it. I know that the mere typing of those words has now caused Mister Man to have an aneurysm because I mentioned the festive season. But you and I both know that now is really the perfect time to contemplate baking for the season so that we can make like a good Girl Guide and BE PREPARED. So, Mister Man? Go ahead and foam at the mouth. I, for one, am just holding up the Girl Guide gospel.

When Lisa and Paul visited in October, I asked if Lisa would go to one of my favourite grocery stores and cost up some baking ingredients for me. Because Mister Man and I are trying to save our shekels for the part where we stroll down an aisle and get all hitched next September, so I'm going to show my friends in Vancouver how much I love them by BAKING for them. And in order to meet a variety of likes and dislikes, I'm aiming for a little variety. But variety can be pricey, and hence, having Lisa do a little recon for me.

What I discovered is this. While I LOVE living in Canada and being Canadian, sometimes I'm not very happy paying $6 for a pound of unsalted butter in sticks. (I realize any American readers have just fallen off their chairs). And maybe it's like I'm cheating on my country to sneak across the boarder and load up on nuts and butter and belgian chocolate.... but that's the way it was last weekend. I stepped out on Save-On-Foods. I am cheating on my grocery store.

But here's why my friends. Unsalted stick butter at Trader Joe's? First of all, delicious. Second of all? $2.49 a pound. Belgian chocolate at Trader Joe's? Um. $3.99 a pound. I am NOT kidding you. So really, I had no choice.

And in exchange for my cheatin' ways, I promise to post recipes and colour photographs of the baked goods as they come out of the oven bathed in love and a decent price tag. Cheap? Perhaps. Commited? Always......

Your intrepid, cheatin' Canadian baker xoxo

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