Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Last Thing

Before I bid the DOXA fundraiser adieu, I did want to share a wee mitt full of photos, because I LOVE watching people have fun. And that's just what these fine folks are doing. In front of me, the big guy and everyone.... they are just havin' a hoot.

See what I mean? Fun!

Fun! Okay, maybe it's true that JUST as I snapped this, M loudly shouted "NO"! (as if THAT would ever stop me! Ha!)

And at the end of the night, we were STILL playing games. This one is the "Pull a Lollipop With a Red Tip From the Box and You Can Win a Scratch 'n Play Lottery Ticket". It was the first time all night this crowd got serious. I guess the prospect of winning 10,000 dollars is some serious bidness!

P.S. None of us won a cent! But on another level, we were all winners, weren't we?

Aww shucks....

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