Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Today our American friends and family are celebrating Thanksgiving. Yesterday was the birthday of my beautiful and wise friend, Mariette. The same Mariette who is going to be my Best Maid when Brian and I jump the broom in September. (Okay we're actually not going to jump the broom - but we will swap our titanium rings from our right hand to our left hand...)

In any event, I just wanted to say how thankful I am to have a Mariette in my life! Since we first met in a sound studio all those years ago, we've gone through so much. Mariette taught me how to camp, and how to arrange food on a platter so that it doesn't look like it was simply thrown there! She taught me how move beyond fear around financial issues, and that fruit is really great in salsa! Together we have shared tales of heartbreak and tales of love. We've lost weight and gained weight and tried to work through all the body image crap that's been served up to all of us on a silver platter. We've cried at trashy movies, and great books and even the odd commercial. We've gossiped and solved world problems and so much more.

And now as Mister Man and I move towards getting hitched, my beautiful friend Mariette is standing right there beside me - one helping hand extended and another hand ready to give me a push when I feel overwhelmed.

I am so thankful for having a Mariette in my life. Happy birthday my friend, happy birthday....


  1. Miss Teri, you are loved so deeply by me and I am deeply moved by your words. Thank you. And thank you for the photos of laughter, they are a happy reminder of the times we have shared... too few in my book

  2. Such sweet words. I do wish I'd had a digital camera for the first years of our friendship..... because there were so many fun (and photogenic) times!