Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Shoulda Joined the Circus

A couple of days ago, we changed our dish rack, because it wasn't working for us. Unfortunately, the choice at London Drugs in terms of dish racks was either SMALL or HUMUNGOUS. The latter doesn't really cut it in a teeny tiny kitchen, so I picked up the small one.

Last night, while Mister Man succumbed to the latest round of illness (a bronchial and sinus infection), I decided I needed to bake for the AGM of a not-for-profit society for which I sit on the board of directors, PLUS for my excellent reading group tonight. I made some lovely lemon-lime wafers and some ridiculously decadent Hello Dolly Bars. And I have to say that I dirtied a helluva lot of dishes along the way. BUT I could also feel congestion knocking at the door of my chest so I was working quickly and efficiently (meaning I wasn't actually cleaning as I went - one of the most useful things the Mums ever taught me).

So when it came time to wash all the dishes and stack them in the new dish rack.... well, let's just say I really outdid myself. Don't try this at home kids - because it is truly ADVANCED stacking. And really, if it all goes to hell in a hand basket, I seriously think I could sign up for Cirque du Soleil.....


  1. We call dish stacking a game of Jenga. Putting dishes away is even more fun.

  2. I think you've hit the nail on the head - it WAS just like a game of Jenga! When Mister Man tried to put them away, he confessed that it was a bit scary!!

  3. I just want to pull one...single...piece...out...