Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Joy. Joy! Frickin' JOY!!!!

Okay. I am a LOVER of Amazon.com. And I have always WANTED to be a lover of Amazon.ca too. But frankly, Amazon.ca doesn't have the all-important KITCHEN department. That is, up until this glorious day when I was popping from website to website at lunchtime in search of inspiration and ideas for you-know-what gifts, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but THIS:

Can't quite see what I'm raving about?

Amazon.ca FINALLY has a kitchen department! Yup. THIS makes me foam at the mouth in absolute ecstacy! No more do I have to turn to Amazon.com to fulfill my kitchen fantasies. Now I can actually SHOP AT HOME! Literally!!!

So many times, I'm clicking around some of my foodie blogs and websites, and I notice that they all have their own wee Amazon stores to share the things that make their culinary adventures unfold without a bunch of turbulence. But I have never been able to add my own little Canadian store, because up until this moment, Amazon.ca was a purveyor of books and dvd's and cd's. They didn't offer things like chocolate applique transfer sheets for baking, or Adamo Imports Walnut Moulds, or any of the nifty things that I am going to SERIOUSLY try not to buy for our already overcrowded teeny weeny kitchen! But seriously, just knowing that I COULD order a chocolate shaver if I wanted one, has filled my heart with joy. Pure joy.

I don't mind telling you, that if I were a songwriter, I'd sit right down and write a song. I'd be JUST as inspired as The Roches when they wrote that brilliant song about a winter coat, called, are you ready? "The Winter Coat". Perhaps you've heard it? If you haven't, give a listen, because it truly is one slice of brilliance.

Sadly, and perhaps ironically, I had to download the song sample from Amazon.com, because while Amazon.ca is moving forward in baby steps, they still don't have as many musical choices with song samples as their American parent company. And hey - baby steps is better than no steps at all! That's what I always say.


  1. That is soo funny! I was looking for those very same walnut molds here and found them recently on the King Arthur Flour site!

    Congrats on getting the kitchen store, at last!

  2. Thanks Jenny!

    Hey if you DO get those walnut molds, let me know how they are!