Friday, November 20, 2009


I have always been surrounded by an abundance of the smartest, most creative, hilarious, talented people from Coast to Coast. Well ONE of those people has been on the cutting edge of the digital world and has worked as a web designer, a one-person think tank (aka a digital media strategist), a blogger, a photographer, a broadcaster, a podcaster and a general all round amazing techno-geek guy (and I say that with absolute love and admiration). I've known him since he started dating (and then married) a wonderful actress and friend (who MAY or may not be one of the contributing confessors in a previous post called Rolling Out The True Confession Chain.)

He writes a whole bunch o' blogs including, Sunset Gardens, and a truly drop-dead-gorgeous photo blog about sailing called Madsu. And his name is Robert Ouimet.

Most recently he started a new podcast called Brain Picker in which he picks the brains of folks that he thinks are interesting. And last week, well.... *blush* I had the absolute privilege of having my brain picked! It didn't hurt a bit. In fact, it was fun.

Um. I'm a wee bit shy about it all, but I did want to acknowledge Robert for all that he does. And even though I kind of say the word REALLY an awful lot in this interview, I encourage you to drop in and have a listen, because he asks great questions! And that's all I have to say. Really.

*Blush* [shyly mashes toe into the carpet]

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