Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Could Have Golfed All Night Part II

One of the things that's offered up every year at the DOXA fundraiser are works of art by local artists. This year was no exception. There was a print by the brilliant Diyan Achjadi, a painting by the amazing Suzo Hickey, a Wee Feltie by Bunklelife herself, jewelry by Zuka Artful Accessories and 2 drawings by the ever talented Sarah Leavitt. (Didn't I tell you I had incredible and talented friends?)

Well you may remember that Mister Man and I channeled Martha Stewart for Halloween and made some cupcakes that were ghoulishly grand. Well Wee Sarah Leavitt made 2 drawings inspired by and based on our adventures in cupcake land! And she PUT THEM IN THE AUCTION! This meant that I held vigil all night next to the bid sheet so that NO ONE ELSE could get their stinkin' hands on what was rightfully OUR artwork!! Of course I did have to leave the table a few times to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and to throw rattlesnakes (albeit like a drunken mad woman!!), and golf *ACK*. I also had to bid on the amazing works of art by all of the above.

But here's where I spent a good chunk of my evening - hovering over the bid sheet for the cupcake inspired art works and giving anyone who dared scratch their name on the piece of paper a good ol' slice of my best STINK EYE!!!

When we arrived at the venue, we discovered that Wee Sarah had brought her sketchbook. She proceeded to give us a walking tour of her creative process. Check it out!

Oh look! A sketchbook photo with a peek-a-boo view! (Well, Sarah was looking very glam on Saturday!)

And HERE, gentle reader, is what the pieces look like. I did win the bid. While some might argue that I was wielding my pen like a weapon, I was simply doing due diligence for two lovely pieces of art that were, after all, rightfully ours.....

And then Wee Sarah seemed to disappear in a puff of smoke, leaving nothing behind but her great shoes!!!

Oh. And her elegantly stockinged foot!

I guess that's the way it is when you've poured your heart and soul out on paper.... Um. Did I mention that paper is now on our walls?

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  1. Teri, could I possibly love you more? No!!!!! Thanks so much for a very lovely, sweet post. I will link to it from my blog too. You are a dear. I am so happy that you like the drawings and I am very excited that you own them! It's quite a relief, because now I won't have to draw a whole other set for you ;) xoxoxox