Thursday, September 10, 2009

By Popular Demand - A Handful of Wedding Photos

A few weeks back, I got the seal of approval from T & A on their wedding photos. (And they only asked me to trash 2 out of over 200!)

Tamara just sent out a bunch thank you notes and included the link to my blog, so I'm thinkin' I should post a handful of greatest hits from a truly great event. So without further ado (and with the blessings of Tamara and Andrew), allow me to post these images from our adventure in PA.

Getting ready:

And she SWEARS she's not photogenic! Ha!

Friends and family sit waiting:

Darren's first yamulke:

Tamara makes an entrance:


The Schuben speaks:

The family speaks:

The friends speak:

Sealed with a smooch:

The party begins!
Beautiful friends and family:

Paparazzi at work:

Cutting a rug. Geoff and Barbara:

Dad and daughter:

And of course, Tamara and Andrew:

There were seriously DOZENS of amazing photos. Think of these as an amuse bouche for the eyes. From me to you. And while I could SERIOUSLY go on and on and make this a contender for the world's longest photo essay, I'll stop here and say "good night".

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