Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hanging out with the [soon to be] In-Laws

Mister Man has a pretty wonderful family. I love the fact that they actually LIKE to hang out together, and the sense of fun they share is totally contagious. It's no surprise to find Bob behind the BBQ flipping burgers and dogs on the last long weekend of summer.

The day was made even more special because we were marking two special events: the birthday of Mister Man's youngest sister, and the birthday of his youngest aunt. Here's his Aunt Dodie on the left, and Merilee, the Mother of Mister Man on the right. Though there was some resistance to the taking of the photo, I think they both look quite lovely.

A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without a cake. And a cake wouldn't be ANY fun at all unless someone were getting their face pushed into it. At this point, Grayce (youngest sister), decided that Dodie (youngest auntie) needed to get up close and personal with the gateaux du jour.

I love this sequence of photos. And I love the cake smushing moxie exhibited here. I don't think I've pushed my face into a cake since I was three years old..... Pity. I'll bet it's great for the complexion.

As the evening came to an end, it seemed a good idea to get a photo of Mister Man and his siblings. It was tricky trying to capture moving subjects. Clearly, they have watched entirely too much WWE.

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  1. LOVE the sibling sequence - a classic! :) (Boy does mr. man ever look like his mum!)