Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Great Hot Dog War of 2009

Summer is most definitely on the wane. So, a small group of us decided we'd better make haste while the sun still shone, and get us to one of the last baseball games of the season. The REAL reason we were going to the game of course, was NOT for the sport, but for the dogs. And so ensued the Great Hot Dog War of 2009. The day before the game, Mister Man posed a question in the form of a Face Book message, asking us all the weigh in on how we believe a dog should be served.

Here's how the debate went down:

Diyan September 3 at 3:43 pm Reply
I personally love a medley of ketchup, mayo, and hotsauce. Mushrooms, however, on a dog, are gross.

Sugarlove Girl September 3 at 4:25 pm
MUSHROOMS ON A HOTDOG? Freakin' sacrilegious is what! But ketchup (thanks Asian peeps to whom this condiment is credited), mayo, mustard and relish make the world go round. Bacon can be good too (hello Whistle Dog from A & W)
P.S. Mister Man is a freak who puts ketchup on his mac and cheese, so I don't think he can look down on us.....

[I did opt for simple that night. Ketchup and mustard. The end.]

Lara September 3 at 5:18 pm Reply
Definitely mayonnaise and definitely not relish. The rest I can take or leave. Ketchup and mayo though are a godlike combination. Also those french's fried onions or caramelized onions. Annie made that once - delish!

Annie September 3 at 7:40 pm Reply
mustard and fried onions, in an ideal world. and banana peppers. mmmmmmm

Annie September 3 at 7:41 pm Reply
when i was a kid i put ketchup on green beans. i still put ketchup on many things. my grandmother told me she would know i was grown up when i stopped putting ketchup on my meat. sorry grandma.

Mini P September 3 at 9:49 pm Reply

what world are you people living in?! ketchup is never acceptable on a hot dog. as my mother would say - only the goys would deign to engage in such nonsense. mustard (spicy if possible), relish, onions (raw), and sauerkraut are what makes the world go round! by the way, what time's the game?!

Mister Man ordered a FOOT LONG while Diyan and I were in the powder room. Despite the protest of those sitting with him (all of whom suggested he should WAIT FOR HIS CLOSE UP), he had eaten most of the dog by the time I returned with camera at the ready! The nerve! In any event, you will note the absence of ketchup.

Here are a few memorable shots from the evening. This happened after Mini P and Annie went to visit the merch booth and came back with ball caps and pointing fingers. I finally figured out what they're good for!!

Best. Photo. Ever.

Summer, I am so sorry to see you start to take your leave. I have loved made us all so happy and carefree.


  1. i love this post. particularly the annotated hot dog comments/portraits. and the gleeful looks of summer.

  2. Thanks Annie. It was kind of a post that wrote itself! (or rather, it was a post that was written by everyone who contributed to the message thread). What a great summer it was..We'll have to remember this moment during the dreary days of November.

  3. That was all a bit too vivid for someone with the flu.