Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Last Official Weekend of Summer

Look where we got to spend the last official weekend of summer:

So that we could sleep in this bed:

And wake up under a skylight, to this view:

But I digress. The journey started on Friday afternoon, when we made our way to Horsehoe Bay (hot on the heels of the Capilano Suspension Bridge shuttle):

Which left us in the dust in an artful swirl of colour:

And even though we were really stinkin' early, apparently so was everyone else! So we didn't get on the 5:30 ferry, despite the fact that we left downtown at 3:30:

But it was worth the wait, because when we got to Ruby Lake on the Sunshine Coast, paradise was ours:


At the beautiful "cottage" of Lynn and Bob:

Which was filled with freshness and light:

Where we got to make delicious meals:

Or just gaze out the window overlooking Ruby Lake:

Or curl up in the living room:

With the girls:

And the girls

Or the boys:

(Mister Man wasn't in a photo taking mood. So while he's not in this series of photos, he was most certainly with us!)

We dined on a picnic lunch:

And got to commune with nature on an eight kilometer hike:

There was also an amazing dinner, the world's best muffin and a cutthroat game of Cranium which I'll share with you tomorrow. For now, let me end this post by saying that the weekend at Lynn and Bob's little slice of paradise was a fitting way to bid adieu to summer.


  1. What great cottage pictures! I love the pillow one.


  2. Thanks Lynn! What a photogenic spot! I could have spent hours taking pix....