Thursday, September 3, 2009

PNE Post Script

I realize that yesterday's post was a pig of a post in terms of length. Who knew that it was possible to be verbose in a PHOTO ESSAY!?! Today, I promise I'll embrace brevity (never one of my strong points).

I realized that I just HAD to publish this triptych of photos from the PNE because I think they are ADORABLE. Here we have our Sarah (who I believe might have been doing a bit of grandstanding) while being busted by Donimo.... at least I THINK that's what's going on here. This was at the end of the night as we paused to eat some mini donuts. (You know, the ones I forgot to photograph?) In any event, I love this "film strip".

And who said I couldn't be brief from time to time?


  1. Aw, you guys are sweet. I love these shots, Teri! You really caught something there. This filmstrip does play out now and again...